Volunteers Wanted

Strut Safe is seeking phone volunteers from anywhere in the UK to join our team!

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Strut Safe was founded by Rachel Chung and Alice Jackson following the murder of Sarah Everard in March of 2021. Now with over fifty volunteers across the UK, Strut Safe is able to offer free walks home in Edinburgh, as well as a free phone service for the entire UK. There is much work to be done to dismantle systemic violence against women and other marginalised groups. Strut Safe is an initiative to help anyone who needs us feel safe and supported.

About Us

Our Number

0333 335 0026



Strut Safe Christmas Campaign 

How It Works

Users will call a central dispatcher requesting either an escort home or for the dispatcher to remain on the phone with them while they are in transit. If the user needs a walk home, the dispatcher will assign a pair of volunteers to meet the user and escort them to their destination. All information gathered from the user will remain strictly confidential.

All volunteers have been vetted and are subject to a strict code of conduct. They will also carry branded Strut Safe lanyards to confirm their association with Strut Safe.