Rachel Chung

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Founder and Director 

Rachel (they/she) is a writer, director, and academic with a focus on Shakespeare and queer theatre. Rachel has worked as a Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line and taught self defense at Shaktibarre in Brooklyn, New York and the Cincinnati Taekwondo Center. In their professional life, Rachel has worked with The Show Must Go Online, Some Kind of Theatre, Fringe of Colour, and the Scottish BAME Writers Network. They love taking their dog, Penny, on long walks. 

Alice (she/her) is a writer, producer and activist about to graduate (the fates willing) in history. She is Outreach Director at CERT, lobbying for contraceptive reform and working for better sex and contraceptive education. She is currently working with Endometriosis UK and the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. In her spare time, she enjoys a good graveyard/cemetery, especially those neatly labelled with persons of interest. 


Founder and Director 

Alice Jackson

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Levi Mitchell

Levi (he/him) is a history graduate with a focus on queer men and masculinity. He has worked with University of Edinburgh societies in previous years, including PrideSoc and the 93% Club Edinburgh, to deliver educational and community-focused materials related to queerness and class discrimination. Sometimes he writes about transness, if the mood is right. 


Strut Safe was founded by Rachel Chung and Alice Jackson following the murder of Sarah Everard in March of 2021. We were once again reminded that there is much work to be done to dismantle systemic violence against women and other marginalised groups. Strut Safe is an initiative to help anyone who feels unsafe when walking in public. We have volunteers based across the UK ready to take calls and stay on the line with you until you get in the door.


What are your opening hours?

Our phone lines are open Friday and Saturday from 7pm-3am and Sunday from 7pm-1am. As we are operated by volunteers, we sometimes change these hours, so please check our Instagram for any updates.

What areas do you cover?

You can call our line from anywhere in the UK!

What if I just want someone to talk to?

We are happy to stay on the phone with you during your journey home anywhere within the UK. Our volunteers are not mental health professionals or advisors in any capacity, but they can help direct you to more specialised services.

What measures do you take to ensure that your service is safe to use?

All of our volunteers are interviewed by the Board of Directors and have Basic Disclosure background checks.

Are your services open to everyone?

Yes, anyone can call Strut Safe. We are dedicated to providing free, non-judgemental support to anyone who needs us.

Is your number free to call?


Why aren't you open every night?

At the moment, we are very small and we don’t have the volunteer numbers to run every night. As we grow, we hope to expand.

How else can I support StrutSafe?

There are a variety of ways for you to support us! You can:

  • Spread the word on social media.

  • Donate here to keep us running.

  • Write to your MP and local representatives about taking proper action to prevent violence against women and marginalised people. You can find out more about how to do this on our Instagram.